Monday, November 16, 2015


The whole concept and idea behind resilient kids was very interesting. The video about "The Focus Game" was very enjoyable. It seemed like the kids have fun playing it and as we learn in class with out different activities, their is a purpose and value to "The Focus Game". Another thing about the ResilientKids video, were the testimonials from the children, and how greatly we were shown of their impact and progress. The method of bringing peace and calmness to these children truly benefits them. The development of children is being understood and the ways to calm children in the classroom is being exposed rather than simply saying, "calm down." It is a really effective way to help the process of learning and youth development and I think it is a great tool for youth workers.


  1. Danai I agree with you. I work with someone on the weekends teaching 20-30 kids and her way of getting the kids to clam down is by yelling, " HEY!" at them. RK seems to have found a way to acknowledge and reduce stress in children in a real way. I think many adults don't realize children experience stress and need healthy ways to manage stress too.

  2. Danai,

    I agree with you, I found this concept to be interesting. I think you made a valid point in stating that the development of children is being understood by doing these calming rituals. I also believe for this to be an effective way to improve the process of learning for youth.


  3. Hi Danai,

    Above you stated "The development of children is being understood" and I completely agree. This program realized that youth need to be taught how to deal with their feelings and thoughts. As you noted, simply saying "calm down" is not enough without actually teaching the kids the how behind it.